Michigan People's Action

Welcome to the web page for the Lansing Organizing Committee

Our vision:
We are building on our successful organizing efforts around the issues of poverty, housing, and hunger in Kalamazoo during the past five years. We are expanding to work on Housing, Worker's Rights, and Human Rights issues in Lansing.

Our purpose:
To build a dues paying Union of people who want to change our world, people who can see the world as it should be.

We believe in:
* Solidarity - This means we can see beyond ourselves and realize that other people need our help and support. Solidarity means what hurts you, hurts me.
* Direct Action Community Organizing - This means we go directly to people in power and challenge them to make the changes WE want. We focus on making sure elected officials make better decisions - decisions like housing all people, providing income support for all people and eliminating hunger.
* Nonviolence - we are absolutely nonviolent - but we are not pushovers. We break the "Be Nice" rule every day. The "Be Nice" rule says that people should know their place and stay in it.

Looking for something specific?


The politics underlying a simple candidate forum

2009.10.15  5:49pm  


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